Our fabrication facility is the inspiration
of our company's basic philosophy
We fabricate modular-built assemblies in a controlled and safe environment, resulting in reduced cost and downtime for our customers. This lean and efficient 83,000 square foot facility, along with our management team, is located in the Metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan, providing the unique ability to closely monitor the quality and progress of your work. With the consideration that quality and schedule are the most important factors to the customer, we at Hoyt, Brumm & Link believe that it is crucial to ensure this is accomplished. We have consistently proven our ability to deliver on both of these critical considerations for customers around the world.

Our vast experience in modular build design has led us to believe that the capabilities are limitless. Our investment extends far beyond the most technologically advanced equipment to our most important asset, our people. To ensure only the best craftsmen work on your project, HBL trains, qualifies and pretests each welder to meet the highest quality standards.

Upon partnering with the HBL team the fabrication advantages are unmistakable. Controlling cost is itself a motivating factor, but not to be overlooked are the benefits of project control and our #1 priority, safety.

Safety Control
  • Minimal lifting with the use of overhead cranes
  • Limited need for fall protection
  • Extensive training of personnel in equipment use and safety
  • Minimal exposure to environmental elements
  • Reduced hours in customer's facility equates to reduced risk exposure
  • Elimination of scrap leads to safer and cleaner site
Cost Control
  • Craftsmen are able to work independently in our shop versus working in pairs on jobsite
  • Reduction in rentals of man lifts and cranes
  • Use of high production equipment that is not portable
  • Less scrap material
  • Reduction in laborer costs for onsite cleanup
  • No lost time due to inclement weather
Project Control
  • Reduction in plant downtime and outages
  • Less disruption to customer's daily operation
  • Strict adherence and monitoring of quality procedures

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