At Hoyt, Brumm & Link, Inc. safety is more than just a component of the work we do.
Committed to Safety
Zero lost time to injuries | Zero unsafe practices | Zero unsafe conditions
These are more than just goals at HBL... They are the guiding principles that drive our safety program.

Safety is Part of Our Culture

At Hoyt, Brumm & Link, Inc. safety is more than just a component of the work we do. Established safe work practices, combined with implementing measures that continually improve our safety processes, are values ingrained in our company culture. HBL not only realizes, but embraces the fact that integrating safety into our core values is paramount to our success. Our customers expect us to conduct our work in a safe manner, and HBL in turn is committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship that is performed with the utmost regard for safety.

Our Safety Philosophy

A culture of safety can only be achieved if everyone affected is involved in the process. At HBL, everyone is expected to contribute to a safe work environment. This expectation begins with owner and top management commitment and extends to the actions and performance of each and every employee and sub-contractor working for HBL. Our number one priority is Safety First and at HBL we believe Safety is Everyone's Job!

Steering the Ship

If HBL's employees are the engine that propel our safety initiatives forward, then HBL's Safety Committee is certainly at the helm steering the company in the direction of its desired safety & health goals. HBL's Safety Committee is comprised of a diverse group representing our employee's companywide. HBL's Safety Director chairs the Safety Committee and is responsible for promulgating the company's safety and health initiatives and enforcing HBL's safety policies.

Aside from spending nearly the past 20 years working in the construction and civil engineering industries, HBL's Safety Director has earned degrees in Construction Management and Business and is pursuing a graduate degree in Occupational Safety and Health. He is one of only 49 people in the State of Michigan to hold MIOSHA certifications in both Construction and General Industry and is pursuing CSP certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. He sits on the safety committee of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit, is a licensed Emergency Medical Responder, and has served our country and his community as both a member of the Armed Services during the first Gulf War as well as a volunteer firefighter.

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